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Hi there and Welcome From Me

Thanks a lot for coming around and taking a look at our brand new blog site.

It is wonderful to keep a virtual diary similar to this - I will be ready to put down my views, strategies, campaigns; things similar to that.

Why am I here? Because, simply, I'd like a site to accomplish the above - put down my ideas and plans. I'm studying design specialising in silver jewellery and there is a great many places available.

My idea will be to have a nice place where i'm allowed to put info down and then store it for later use. I often browse about the web and see spots that hold awesome material which inspire me. Now I will be storing the information on these pages so we could get back to it later rather than lose it like I may have prior to now *cough* 

Regardless, thank you for coming here and I also hope you come back again. i am always looking for additional information so when you have tricks then please, please let me know!

Thanks and all the best, M.
Tags: fashion

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